Researchers at Leeds Beckett University are looking for UK residents aged over 18 who have just started or are about to start looking for a sperm donor using websites or social media sites.


To date, very little research has been conducted on the experiences of recipients who use online sperm donation platforms. We are interested in learning about the experiences of recipients over the course of a year- from the initial search, to finding the right donor, hopefully though to pregnancy and even birth. Participants will be interviewed three times over the course of a year- the interviewer will travel to their area to complete these. There is also the option to participate in a private online group with the other research participants; where experiences, resources and messages of support can be shared.


If you would like to find out more or express an interest in participating in the research, please contact us via the contact box below. Your name (you can just provide a first name if you prefer) and email address will only reach the research team. These data will be treated in strict confidence and kept securely in accordance with GDPR. Participation is voluntary and you will be free to withdraw from the research at any time.




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