Project Aims

A.I. Confidential is part of a project led by researchers at Leeds Beckett University. It aims to provide a platform for those who have sought to obtain sperm from a donor they have met online to share their experiences. It also provides a way for recipients who may be interested in participating in further studies into this area to connect with researchers at Leeds Beckett University.

As with most internet-based practices, the sourcing of sperm and the interaction between donors and recipients online is a relatively new phenomenon. As such, there is a lack of research on recipients’ experiences of sperm donation via this route. It is hoped that this website will take on a consciousness-raising role, empowering recipients of online sperm through learning from each other’s experiences. The research project, meanwhile, focuses on the experiences of recipients over the course of a year- from the initial search, to finding the right donor, hopefully though to pregnancy and even birth. Participants will be interviewed three times over the course of a year- the interviewer will travel to their area to complete these. There is also the option to participate in a private online group with the other research participants; where experiences, resources and messages of support can be shared.

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