Welcome to A.I. Confidential: a website for recipients to share their stories of online sperm donation. 


If you have looked for or found a sperm donor via connection websites or social media pages, or if you have tried to conceive with an online donor via artificial (AI), partial (PI) or natural insemination (NI) then you can share your experiences here. This includes good, bad or neutral experiences. 


Through sharing stories, we hope to shed light on the highs and lows for other people looking for donors online, let them know that they're not alone, and create a shared space and sense of community.

If you have sought sperm online or are some way through your donor-conception journey, share your story!  Tell others about the highs, the lows, and any of the moments in between. You can anonymously submit your story here.

A.I. Confidential also has a growing list of useful resources for people interested in, or who are undertaking, online sperm donation.  See our Resources page.


If you're interested in contributing to the latest research into online sperm donation, A.I. Confidential also connects people involved in online sperm donation with researchers at Leeds Beckett University.  For any current invitations to take part in Leeds Beckett's research, see our Research page.